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To Mister Bush
Por Enrique Sam Colop - Guatemala, 10 de marzo de 2007

It is too late to come here because, thank God, Latin America is changing. Kakibij chi xaq atusamajel Xibalba.

Weta yatal chi ke jujun amaq' ajtaqanel kexuki' ri chawach; necher e k'i'alaj k'o kik'ixbal, kiyak kipalaj chi awach. Are k'u ri at kaxe'j awib che kilik rumal che k'amal awach che kitaqanik. Wa' ri waral amaq' k'amal be kixbal kiwach. Xaq jas kabij je kakibano, ri atzij, utzij ajaw chi kiwach. Jas le kabix waral, xa k'o jun imul kuk'u' rib aretaq kape itzelal. At k'u ri', jun nimalaj itzelal che ri Abya Yala. Ma jun utzil abanom taj, xa ne kamisanik ataqom chi uwach ulew, rumal wa' kabixik chi xaq atusamajel Xibalba. K'o jun loq'alaj mam xuta' chwe abixik chawe: “man katqaj taj waral./ Man utzilaj taj katqilo, /Man kaqaj taj qatqato”.

You, who are the President of the most powerful country in the world, but have misused that power to defend your family business, must know that many people here don’t welcome you. Maybe some of your staff as well as beneficiaries of your policies are grateful; but they are a few. Here we have not forgotten the responsibility of past US governments that stood in the way of democratic changes in our country, again, for the purpose of protecting business of your people.

You may offer some money to buy loyalty, but that will only come from your colleagues who make their living from the poverty of poor Guatemalans. You are inhumane when your administration sends back our people who work in the US. They went to your country because there are no jobs here. You are insane when you send your own people to be killed around the world. Why do so many people not like the American people? It is because of US policies.

You come here to see what in Spanish is called: “diversidad cultural”, but you won’t fool us because you could see that diversity in the country that your ancestors invaded, and killed millions of Indians. You are not coming here as a “savior of the world”, but rather as a menace to the world. The world would be safer without you and your allies.

The American people, it must be said, have been deceived by your lies. You talk about democracy, but don’t practice it. It is too late to come here because, thank God, Latin America is changing. Now there are presidents in our region who will look you directly in the eye and whom you won’t visit because you are used to submissiveness.

For this reason, you will like the Guatemalan president. I don’t write “our”, because he is only the president of business people whose police, as you must know, according to what the State Department has disclosed and what is known here, has been infiltrated by organized crime.

Last but not least, let me tell you a little joke. It is said that you come here to watch the premiere of Apocalypto because in the US you can’t see the copy Mel Gibson left for us in the black market. Many Guatemalans have already seen it, and I assure you, it’s not a big deal.


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